The end of an amazing International Workshop on Social Networks Analysis

ICONIC International Workshop ANALYZING MULTIPLE NETWORKS FROM DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES, part of the project Longitudinal analysis of coauthorship networks and citations in academia (iCoNiC), implemented by the Research Group on Graphs and Social Networks (GraphNets), University of Bucharest ended up with an amazing hands-on workshop on semantic networks hold by Adina Nergheș

Adina Nergheș started from September 2017 a postdoctoral researcher at the newly formed Digital Humanities Group at the KNAW Humanities Cluster. Prior to joining the KNAW Humanities Cluster, she completed a short-term postdoc project at the Communication Science Department of the Vrije Universitetit in Amsterdam, in which she had investigated the communication strategies of health consumers and their interactions in the social media space (e.g., YouTube comment threads). 

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