GraphNets research group (re)presents in Timișoara

The members of GraphNets research group had a series of presentations regarding how social network analysis (or personal networks analysis) are changing the way we perceive social life. Being part of the ORBITS project (implemented together with  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Gabriel Hâncean gave a presentation about Exploring multidimensional homophily in social transnational fields and Bianca Mihăilă, together with Iulian Oană, talked about The impact of personal networks on individual social identity. 

Being part of the ICONIC project, Gabriel gave his second talk on The impact of personal co-authorship networks on the citation distribution. The statistical model. Brief report on the current state of the ICONIC research project. Bianca Mihăilă gave her second talk onThe impact of transnational coautorship on the scientific quality of academic researchers. Adelina Stoica talked about Homophily in coautorship networks. Iulian Oană had two presentations. The first one was linked to Seasonality and stationarity in research productivity and the second one has a different topic: The impact of personal networks on cultural consumption. 

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